Team of engineers reparing an electronic circiut.

Bithium provides a number of complementary development services focused on achieving the end-functionality of the target product or system.

The co-ordination of hardware, software and mechanical design teams to achieve an optimum product is key to all projects. Bithium makes sure this is the case:

 software deign, hardware design and mechanical design, Bithium

Project tools

Project management and bug tracking tools we work with

  • Redmine
  • Jira
  • Bugzilla

Hardware Design

Our team provides electronic hardware design services which includes hardware architecture definition, component selection, schematic design, PCB layout, prototyping and production interface. This provides our customer with a solution from idea to end product at the factory.

Hardware design tools:
  • Altium
  • Mentor Pads
  • KiCad
  • Requirements assesment
  • hardware Architecture
  • Part search and schematics
  • Board layout
  • Prototyping
  • Board bring-up
  • Hardware validation
  • Possible iteration

Software Design

Our software designs services focuses on embedded systems programming and real time embedded systems software development.

Software design tools:
  • Git
  • Doxygen

Embedded Linux platforms

  • Texas Instruments Sitara
  • Dialog Semiconductor SC1445x (uCLinux)

Wireless hardware platforms

  • DECT chipsets and modules
  • Bluetooth chipsets and modules
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo modules
  • 433MHz, 866MHz chips and modules for RF remote controls
  • Software Defined Radio platforms (USRP)

DSP, Audio Processing and other

  • Texas Instruments TMS320xxx DSPs
  • XMOS
  • Gen2DSP
user interface linde nr.2 sokoan, Bithium

User interface

Bithium’s experience in the field of wireless technologies, and in particular the design of user interfaces for cordless telephones, has created a library of reusable components, that provide a consistent user interface to devices.

Our UI components, provide a rapid development of user interfaces based on menus, using text and icon lists and text editors, that can be used to implement phone book functionalities, text message sending and receiving to name a few. Other features that were considered when implementing the UI components, were the ability to easaly create new text fonts and icons suitable to our clients necessities and also a built in internationalization support is provided to all text in the user interface can be adjusted to the number of languages, a product will require to support.

Turn key solution Bithium

Turn key-solution

Bithium can provide a turn-key solution to our customers by delivering the end products resulting from the development process. An experienced quality control team inspects the products making sure they comply with the customer agreed pre-defined criteria and ready for the market. Bithium relies and works with selected European and Asian manufacturing partners covering from low to high volume productions. The customer is released from all production setup and interface details helping to keep focus on the product characteristics and marketing/sales.

updating product bithium

Update or improve products

Refresh your electronic or communication product and make it:

  • more cost-effective (lower BOM)
  • up-to-date with current available components and technologies
  • add new features to make it more competitive in your market segment