Wireless technologies used by Bithium

Wireless technologies that we use

The DECT standard is used in digital cordless telephones around the world. It is used in voice, data and home automation applications. Bithium's DECT protocol stack has been used in a number of projects for well known customers. It keeps being updated with new features and chipset support.

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Bithium provides WiFi product development using its embedded Linux and embedded system design and integration skills. We recommend the use of pre-certified modules to ease the end product certification process and market introduction.

We also provide WiFi integration to new product developments and will help you go through the selection of best platform for your next product design, all the way through bringing it out to the market.

The widely known and spread Bluetooth standard is used in most of the smartphone peripherals. It uses the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band and has been named after King Harald Bluetooth who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom. United is the keyword to keep in mind here. Like King Harald Bluetooth, Bluetooth technology brings together in this case separate devices (typically a smartphone and a wireless peripheral device).

Bithium is the ideal partner for your new Bluetooth and/or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) product development. Examples of applications include audio communication devices, Bluetooth beacons, etc. We are also a Bluetooth SIG member and are technology partners with leading chipset manufacturers in both Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

NFC is a short range wireless technology that has been widespread adoted and is seen in many smartphones. Android 6 and subsequent have NFC as a hardware requirement. Other mobile OSs have adopted NFC as well and high end models support it. NFC allows one- and two-way short range communication between endpoints which is suitable for a number of applications.

SDR stands for Software Defined Radio. Bithium has developed an embedded GNU radio based SDR wireless audio solution for surround systems using the Opus codec. It uses the 863 - 865MHz band. Read more for further information on this project and the services we can provide you in your SDR projects.

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